3 Ways To Illustrate Your Brand Through Photography

Behind every great company is a great brand. Some of the top companies in the world have branding, logos and imagery that are recognizable around the globe. Along with good branding and design, the style of your photography and the images you feature can help tell your brand story and illustrate the spirit of your business. The photography you choose to represent your brand should evoke emotion and help create a closer connection to your consumer. You just want to make sure it's evoking the right emotions that properly align with your brands attitude and values.

3 Ways To Illustrate Your Brand Through Photography



Consumers today don't just want a product, they want to support a company they believe in. Lifestyle imagery featuring real people using a product in real situations. Whether it be at home, in the wilderness, or on an adventurous trip, your brand imagery should evoke a sense of authenticity. Telling authentic brand stories people can relate to helps build your reputation and following as an industry leader in your field.  


Whether you're a selling a product or a service, the quality of what you are selling is of upmost importance. If you want to convey that your products are of the highest quality, you should consider featuring highly detailed, close up (macro) photos that illustrate the features and components of your product. Likewise, if you're a builder or contractor, you might feature detailed photos of your work so people can see the attention to detail you offer.


A good brand story tells the audience what they should feel. Whether the company is fun and happy or serious and technical, choosing the appropriate imagery for your audience is as important as the story itself. The "treatment" of your photographs can say a lot about your company's "mood." Using bright and airy images that are saturated with color portrays fun and happiness. While dark, contrasty images can give a sense of seriousness or intensity.

Before choosing the photography that you feature on your website or promotional materials, consider what that imagery is saying about your brand. It's never a bad idea to get feedback from others, ask them to tell you briefly what thoughts and emotions come to mind when they look at a certain photo. Working with a professional photographer who has experience telling brand stories can help you reach the audience you want in a meaningful way and help you create a lasting, closer connection with your consumer.

Have something else to add? Let me know in the comments section below what type of imagery styles you've used to showcase your brand story.