5 Images You Need For Your Website Redesign

Finally, the day has come, it's time to redesign your website. You know how important your site is; it's often the first impression a potential customer will have of you, so you want to make sure it looks perfect. You're probably working with a custom web developer (worth every penny) to redesign or launch your new site and have everything in line.....well just about everything.

You've labored over every detail on your site, except you forgot to consider your photography needs. If you were building or renovating a house, you wouldn't fill it with store bought picture frames, leaving the fake photos of the random people inside of it. No, of course you wouldn't. You'd feature custom photos that are relevant to you and the people who are coming to your home (your site). 


Here is a list of 5 images you need to redesign or launch a new website


1. Hero images:

• The hero image is the large banner image that is featured on your homepage and other pages, placed prominently front and center. This is most often the first visual experience someone has on your website and should be used to present the most important information, often with accompanying text. Your hero images should be relevant to what you do, and should work with your website design, allowing you to place a headline and a call-to-action (CTA) over the image. With the advanced retina capabilities of many screens and devices, it's imperative that your images are high quality and scalable without becoming pixelated. 


2. Product photos:

If your product is a tangible item or an intangible service, what you make or do needs to be illustrated prominently on your site through photography. If you sell any sort of consumer goods (shoes, backpacks, bikes, etc.), customers expect to see multiple angles of every product. Consumers want to know exactly how the product looks before making a purchase. This helps reduce the return rate, as customers know what they'll be getting beforehand, reducing unforeseen surprises upon product delivery. Studies show that good photography helps sell products, so set yourself up for success by featuring large, clean images, with multiple angles of each product. Regardless of what your product is, people want to see it before they buy it. Likewise if you're a contractor or other home service provider, you'll want to show before and after images of your work, in addition to the final product. The more enticing that ski jacket, piece of chocolate, or custom home renovation looks, the more likely someone is to buy it or work with you.



Your products look great in a studio, in front of a seamless background, but how do they look out in the wild? Your prospective customers want to know. Showing your products in their natural environment, gives customers an idea of how it will look in an everyday application. Lifestyle images help tell your brand story and what your company is all about. Don't skimp on telling your brand story by using stock photos. Your company and product are unique, as should your photos be.


4. Headshots (Portraits): 

Regardless of what type of services or products your company provides, there are people behind every aspect of it. Prospective customers like to know who they'll be working with and buying from. Including headshots of key members of your team, will put a face to your company. High quality and recent portraits of your team members on your About Us or Contact page will humanize your company and truly represent who you are. This is especially important in industries such as real estate, banking, insurance, accounting, and so on, because potential customers are just as interested in who you are, as what you do.


5. Service Photos:

If your product isn't a tangible one, you'll have to find other creative ways to illustrate your services. If you are a software company, you'll probably want to feature photos of people using computers and other devices. If you're a consultant, you and your expertise are the product, so featuring photos of yourself working with clients is a good idea. With service based businesses, using photography to portray your experience and knowledge will help explain your business and illustrate to clients that they can trust you.

• Multiple studies have shown that high quality photos help sell. It is important not to neglect this aspect of redesigning your website. Consumers are savvy and demanding; they know when you're using the same stock photos that everyone else is using, and they want clear photos that can be enlarged to show detail.

Imagery helps tell your brand story, so be sure to work with a professional photographer who will capture and tell your story through impressive and dynamic photography.